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A fishy layout

27 Feb

The fishes are finished! The quilt they will make, though, is not. I’ve had the general layout planned for a bit already, but it turns out getting the colors in just the right spot is a bit tougher. (Who knew, right?)

I have a few thoughts, but I’d love to hear your opinions: would you tell me which you like, and why? Or if you don’t really like any of them? Or just tell me your favorite way to deal with giving up diet Coke (I’m guzzling water, but I really, really miss it…)?

Layout 1:
Layout 1

Layout 2:
Layout 2

Layout 3:
Layout 3

Layout 4:
Layout 4

*Please forgive the photos: it’s nighttime, I’m using my phone’s camera, I’m not all that awesome at photography, blah, blah, blah… When it’s all done, I will make take prettier pictures, mmmkay?



24 Feb

So. My husband has this uncle. His uncle is only a few months older than my husband. They went to college together (for a little while, anyway), and Seth (<– that’s my husband)and I are pretty darn fond of him. This uncle is now married (we like her too!), and he and his wife are having a baby. This is all fabulously exciting, right?

So, since I now feel the need to provide quilty snuggles to all the small people in my family, I’m making a quilt. The baby’s room has an Under the Sea theme, but I wasn’t sure what to do to go with that.

Enter the MQG’s 100 Days of Modern Quilting, where I was introduced to Norma Cecil’s Leading the Pack. Fishes! Little, simply-shaped, paper-pieced fishes! I’ve made a few already:

Fishes! 1-6

So far, they’re all orange, but I’ve got a pile of rainbows just waiting to swim…

Future fishes

First Bee Blocks

22 Feb

Hey, so, I blinked and January was gone. So much for the consistent posting!

But enough about that – I’ve been sewing! I made some blocks for the Modern Minx Bee:
Modern Minx Bee Blocks
1. Envy – January Modern Minx block, 2. Stargazing – February Modern Minx block, 3. Stargazing – February Modern Minx block

Then, I made some blocks for my NuBees hive:
Feb 2012 NuBees Hive 2
1. Feb 2012 NuBees Hive 2 for Karen, 2. Feb 2012 NuBees Hive 2 for Jana, 3. Feb 2012 NuBees Hive 2 for Alyson, 4. Feb 2012 NuBees Hive 2 for Laura, 5. Feb 2012 NuBees Hive 2 for Nancy

I mailed all of those off yesterday. I can’t wait to see what comes for me!