Mt. Medallion

25 May

I just finished a block that may be the most challenging piecing I’ve done yet.
Medallion Block, first attempt

I first saw this block over at elegantitus – she wrote about it way back in August of 2011: Mysterious Medallion Quilt Blocks. She’d seen it over at Sew Kind of Wonderful, where there was little to go on except that the block was difficult. So, the marvelous Cassie from elegantitus has recreated the block, and sent out the call for pattern testers. Having loved the block since I saw her attempt it, my hand shot up so fast, straining up high, hoping she’d call on me to try (okay, really I just emailed her. Work with me on the classroom analogy, mkay?). I had a reply the next day, with a pattern attached. Oh, man – I was so, SO excited. I was going to make it that night (that night was only last night, for the record). But… then a stupid migraine happened.

Luckily, I feel fine tonight! And lo, I have created a [somewhat unintentionally wonky] Medallion block! I don’t claim to have done it well, but it’s done, and despite the crooked seams and the fact that it fell short of a true 12″ square (heck, fell short of square, period – do you see those cut-off corners?), I love it. LOVE. I suspect there are more of these in my future (but likely not for anyone else for a while, as I’d hate to make anything less than square for any of my bees!).

I think some of my difficulty stems from the fact that I’ve never really worked with 45° triangles before and getting everything aligned correctly is a booger. What are your tricks for getting all the edges aligned so that the resulting larger triangles stay square and true?


One Response to “Mt. Medallion”

  1. basildonkitchens May 27, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    Rule #1 – practice, practice, practice! Rule #2 – accurate cutting; Rule #3 – press, don’t iron…..; Rule #4 – see Rules 1 & 2!

    That being said – I think it looks great for a first attempt – try another one and you will see improvement!

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