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Weekend fun and slow progress

4 Jun

I had most of last week to myself, as Seth went away to a music festival after work on Tuesday and only returned late Saturday night. Since he was gone, I…. well, I pretty much didn’t really do anything!

I did a tiny bit of sewing, as I began a Drawstring Quilt from the pattern from Tickle & Hide.  It went together really quickly, and by the time I went to bed on Tuesday, I had a top:


I had hoped to finish it by Friday, but as I mentioned above, instead of finishing it, I lazed around and got some did some summer reading.

Over the weekend, I went back to my parents’ house, as both of my sisters were home. They currently live on opposite coasts, thanks to college and opera jobs, so it’s a rare day that we are all home (unless it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas!).

Friday night, we hit the First Friday Art Walk. It was my first one of these, and I’d like to make it back to another! Mom decided we needed a picture:


From left to right: Lindsay (middle child, opera singer), Mom (embodiment of amazing), Annalise (baby sister, grad student), Lisbeth (me) (oldest child, quilter, breastedly-blessed).

Then Mom wanted some shots of Lindsay and her husband, Patrick, in the street in front of the train that was passing in the background:


Never mind safety – we must have the train picture!

Back home, I’ve managed to get most of the quilting done on the drawstring quilt:


The pattern of the quilting is, as usual, much clearer on the reverse:


I love the hexagons and triangles on the back! This is the side that’ll show when the quilt is drawn up into a bag –  I think the print will work really well as the, as it’ll pretty much look like a purse.

I’m already planning to make one of these for myself. I may make another yet, as a coworker saw a picture, and immediately asked if he could commission me to make one as a surprise for his wife. I told him I’d be happy to, but he needed to buy the fabric. His favorite when I showed him a few options on Etsy? Flea Market Fancy – smart man!