New Fabrics and One Star

30 Dec

The color scheme for Oh My Stars! has been established! I’m going to use a dark gray background with bright oranges and yellows and maybe a little white/pastel oranges and yellows. So far, I’ve made a whopping one star:

Large Basic Sawtooth

It’s not perfect, and it took ripping a few seams and trying a second (and third, in one instance) time, but I’m pretty darn happy with it. It’s so ORANGE and it makes me happy.

So, since I am new-ish to this whole fabric stash thing, I’ve been buying fabric. Huzzah!!! First up is a bunch of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley, for my first bee square next month. I still need to order the Kona Green Tea, but that’ll be a quick thing.

January Minx fabrics

Next is all fabrics that I just liked (and/or were on a very nice sale). Not a lot of thematic similarity, but who cares? They’re all either shades of yellows and oranges for the star quilt (the one I make using the orange stars fabric will be pleasingly meta), or they’re for stash. I can already tell I’m going to need to make myself buy blues and purples – those just aren’t colors I’m drawn to.

Stash building, Dec 2011

The first five (orange, gray, orange, gray, green) are from Hawthorne Threads, ordered along with most of the Hope Valley above. I hadn’t heard about them* before a mention in a Flickr thread from Marta, who noted they still have significant yardages of all the colorways of Hope Valley.

The last seven (yellow, red, mixers, yellow, brownish, red, yellowish) wouldn’t be on their way to me if not for Stitched in Colors post with the news about a great sale at Contemporary Cloth. They’ve got some of their clearance stock priced at $4/yard – crazyness, especially when you consider that they’re also running a sale of everything (25-75%) on top of that!

*Who are we kidding? I haven’t heard of most online fabric stores yet, but I’m working on fixing that!



20 Dec

Uh, I bought some more fabric tonight.

Wait – it gets better.

It’s fabric with a due date.

No, not Christmas – I’m not that crazy. Early January, though… that’s another story.

I’ve got two nieces, age 4 and 1, who both have birthdays in January. They need quilts, right?

So. I have identical three charm packs (seriously now, how perfect is the Twirl line for little girls?), which means I should have 126 squares. The quilts as planned will use 60 each. I’ve got some (1.3 yds?) of each of the purple and yellow. I have absolutely no idea if I’ll have enough to do what I’ve laid out, but I’m saving the math for another day. I’m pretty darn sure I can make it work, even if I have to fiddle with the dimensions or make the stacks of charms 4 tall instead of 2 to save on the solids.

I haven’t lost my mind, have I?

Christmas sewing

18 Dec

Hey, what do you know? I made some stuff today.

First up – A set of place mats for my brother-in-law’s family:

Picnic Ants place mats

No piecing, just two pieces quilted together. I used the back fabric to make the binding. The family has two little girls, and I thought the picnic ants would appeal them, and the more subdued navy print on the back would work when there’s a need for a more grown-up option.

Next, I made a Bapron.

Zach's Bapron Zach's Bapron - back

I may be biased, but is that cute or what? I think the monkeys on the back make it (you may not have noticed, but those bikes have banana seats). I used a pre-made bias tape for this – and it was so, so too narrow, and it was really hard to keep a straight seam while I was putting it on, so don’t looks too closely, mmkay? I”ll fix that for the next one, I promise.

This will go to my other brother-in-law’s son. I may not make them anything else – does that make me terrible?  “Merry Christmas guys! Here’s your present!…Oh, no, yeah, it’s for the baby, but that’s your present.” Heh. I’m sure we’ll end up getting them something else, too. I have until the Tuesday after Christmas to figure that out.

Another set of place mats, this time for my mom..

All 6, pre-binding Back of Mom's placemats

I’m not sure she’ll love them. I mean, I like them, but uh…. they seem brighter than I’d quite planned.  The back is a bit more subdued, though. I’ve planned an orange binding, but may be I should re-think that one. It certainly won’t make them less bright….

Lastly, I made a disappearing nine-patch with some cuts from a charm pack that I didn’t particularly love.

Coffee prints  - better than I'd thought

I like it better than I would have thought, considering my feelings for the original squares. The back doesn’t look too shabby, either, I don’t think! So…maybe a coffee-themed pillow? A  somewhat meta mug rug? Or do you want it? ;)

So many stars

17 Dec

Wow. I know that eventually my enthusiasm might wane, and there will be a day when I’m not thinking about quilts as often as a 12-year-boy thinks about – well, nevermind that, but, you know. I’m pretty much thinking about them all. the. time.

Right now, in addition to thinking about how I’m going to finish up some gifts I’m working on, I’ve started thinking about color schemes for this little doozy that’s picking up steam:

"Oh My Stars!" ...with a border.

Oh My Stars! indeed. That’s a lot of stars, people. I’m pretty sure I’m nuts.  Which is fine, really.

I’m thinking  about a navy background with yellow and white and orange stars.

Too literal of an interpretation? What do you think?

A new start, again.

16 Dec

So, in the last few weeks, I’ve fallen for quilting.


I’ve pieced a biggish quilt top, quilted a set of practice place mats for myself, started three sets of place mats (intended for Christmas gifts, they’re in various stages of completion), did something to put out my inherited sewing machine (an early computerized model that is still a good, just needing some professional TLC),  borrowed my mom’s old beast of a machine, and received an early Christmas present of a Singer Confidence Quilter. I’ve played at straight line quilting (with and without a walking foot), tried my hand at free motion quilting (not too shabby for my first time), and amassed a ridiculous number of quilting-related pins on my Pinterest boards.

Oh, and I sliced my finger in a less-than-careful moment of rotary cutter trimming. Yeah, that wasn’t so awesome.

So, here I am, blogging again (so, so many abandoned blogs haunt my crafting…). I can’t show anything yet, since you just know as soon as I post a picture one of my sisters will stumble upon this and spoil their Christmas! Soon, though, I’ll have plenty of pretty to post.